This week Kenny the leader of the incubator team asked me to give a presentation to the team about the basics of writing a business plan. Because I am a freshman and joined the group less than 2 months ago I was nervous about what I was going to say and more importantly whether or not people going to take a presentation seriously. I have three years experience writing business plans in high school but to have upper classman’s interested about these experiences was unimaginable. While presenting to the whole team they were listening and interested in what I had to say. After giving the speech I realized that my age and my time in the organization did not matter what did was that I had something of value to say. I think I can apply this to many other aspects of my life. Bringing something of value not only makes your peers respect you it gives you a platform to share your ideas. When assessing if I want to join a club or organization not only am I going to ask myself what can I learn from this club but also what I can bring to the club or organization. 

Have a blessed week,

Arun Chadda


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