Think of an entrepreneur, almost any entrepreneur, and you’ll probably develop an image of someone doing business in your city, state/province, or country. Rarely is an entrepreneur ready to do business around the world from day one. But as I have discovered, entrepreneurs with particular talents and ambition are increasingly looking to sell their products around the world. No stay-at-homes, this new breed of entrepreneur is “born global.”

As an international student from South East Asia who is crazy about business and social enterprise, I knew I was fit for this whole global entrepreneurial movement. But how to start? I really needed something like the Global Startup Youth (GSY), a satellite event of Global Entrepreneur Summit. Perfect timing! It was an amazing event. Being placed on the spot with 500 youths from 105 countries, I felt a sense of belonging. It was where I wanted to be. It was also the one place that would set me forward in unprecedented ways. Meeting all these people around the world made me realize one thing: PEOPLE CARE! The trend, movement, and attention have shifted towards youth entrepreneurship. And the high caliber entrepreneurs at GSY have validated my point.

While they, without exception, argued for the critical role of English as the international language of business, they invariably spoke several languages and had multiple cultural competencies. They were often immigrants creating new businesses in a new country or else they had lived substantial periods abroad and were bringing their international competence and connections back to their home country. Ironically, their knowledge of international business and the way they approach their business relationships made international opportunities less risky for them than simply serving the local market. Combined with the existence of strong local competitors in their domestic market, or the small size of their domestic market, this international orientation made global activity more feasible than more traditional domestic entrepreneurship.

Not only does entrepreneurship enhance economic growth and improve quality of life, it has also become the global language of our generation. Embrace the energy, take action now!