A limited amount of time is given to you to sell your idea or product. Your words must be chosen carefully, your speech meticulously timed, your expressions and gestures on point. The buzzer signals the end of your speech, and a sense of relief or doubt washes over you- but hey, it's all over, right?
Such is the nature of the "30-second pitch", a nerve-wracking, but necessary part of starting a business.

But how to go about crafting a pitch that has both content and punch? Former Emmy-award winning journalist and communications coach Carmine Gallo tells us to ask ourselves four basic questions:

1. What is my service, product, company, or cause?
2. What problem do I solve?
3. How am I different?
4. Why should you care?

Answering these four simple questions can give your pitch some direction to take your project to a marketable level. Consider them as you start your next entrepreneurial venture. Until then, wishing you an idea-filled week!


-Cholpon Ramizova