Here's just a small preview of the fun that our community had at our previous events.

Global Startup Youth Malaysia 2013

10 Oxypreneurship leaders had the privilege of serving as Student Ambassadors at Global Startup Youth, a hack-a-thon style event of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit that brought together 500 young international entrepreneurs to address how technology can be used to solve today's world issues.

TEDx Occidental College 2014

TEDx was an independently organized TED Talks event that happened on March 29th. The theme for this one-day speakers series was 'Reinventing the American Dream.' TEDx was a collaborative effort between various clubs on campus including Oxypreneurship.

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Secret Services Open House 2014

The Open House was an event where students can gain more information about the innovative clubs on campus. The clubs that participated in this year's event include: The Bike Share, KOXY, The Occidental Agency, RAW Records and Oxypreneurship.

J-Term 2014

J-Term 2014 or January Term is a week-long bootcamp to develop student's entrepreneurial and soft skills. A total of 12 students from 10 different majors were involved in our first-ever pilot program. The group visited creative co-working spaces such as oPodz! and the Eureka Building, created and presented their own start-up ideas, and heard from entrepreneurial leaders such as Board Member Dave Berkus.