Semester Goals: 
1. Broaden range of attendees 
2. Collaborate with other clubs and organization on campus, such as World Talk and 
General Assembly 
3. Connect with Experience and Incubator team to create dynamic events 
4. Involve students outside of OP with events, change view of OP on campus 
5. Finalize succinct mission and vision statement for OP 
6. Support TEDxOccidentalCollege team and facilitate volunteer and event support 
Strategic Roles: 
1. Public Relations: Working with the Action Team Leader, the Public Relations 
manager will be in charge of Oxypreneurship’s branding and image to both the student 
body and outside communities. 
2. Content Manager: The Content Manager will be in charge of maintaining our website 
and organizing our online presence. This includes gathering and sharing photos, 
streamlining Google Drive, Evernote and any future online tools. 
3. Social Media Guru: Maintains our Facebook, Twitter, (and potentially Instagram) 
presences as lively and engaging platforms to serve our communities. 

1. Bringing key speakers to campus to discuss their own entrepreneurship.

2. Putting on events that inspire students to start their own entrepreneurial ventures.

3. Mass communicating the message of Oxypreneurship through appropriate branding and social media campaigns.

4. Advertising for all of the offerings of Oxypreneurship across all teams.

1. Finding internships and job opportunities for current students.

2. Creating a semester long entrepreneurial engagement in Silicon Valley similar to the U.N. Semester.

3. Creating a January Term for students to spend winter break learning about entrepreneurship.

4. Helping the directors to create a curriculum for entrepreneurship.

1. Creating school policy that encourages entrepreneurship on campus.  

2. Creating programs that help support students in the projects they are pursuing.

3. Strategizing on how to support startup non-profits, for-profits, social enterprises and NGO’s.